Keynote Sessions

Time has a wonderful way of showing what really matters. So why not learn from those who have meritoriously passed in all such lessons? Join us, as we gain an insight into the entrepreneurial world, the challenges faced, how we can overcome these problems and most importantly, stay motivated as we start on a journey of our own.

Opening Ceremony

Ram Gopal CEO, Barclays Bank Know more

E-Talk 1

Aloknath De CTO,Samsung R&D India Know more
Megha Tata COO-BTVI Know more
Sumit Sharma COO-Lacoste Know more

E-Talk 2

Aditya Mony CTO,JP Morgan and Chase Know more
Amitabh Ray MD,Ericsson Know more
Ankit DP Co-founder, Blink Know more

Closing Ceremony

Sandeep Chaudhary CEO, AON Hewitt Know more
Rahul Jaimini Co-Founder, Swiggy Know more