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Product Design Idea Competition


Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur is conducting a Product Design Idea Competition (PDIC) on 3rd February 2018 during GES 2018 under the NID Project, sponsored by MHRD, GoI, with a focus on ‘Technology for Rural Needs’. The registration link for PDIC is now up at www.ges.ecell-iitkgp.org/pdic.

The last date for submissions is 26th January 2018.

Total Funding-Award Value of Rs. 3 Lakh
The competiton will be having four phases as follow:


  1. i. Each participating team has to submit an idea of the product explaining, what problem will it solve, its features/ specifications, brief details of technology/ method, feasibility and cost of developing Proof-of-Concept (PoC) and cost of prototyping in the form of a presentation.

    Presentation should contain following things:
    • 1. Team details Slide (including Team Name)
    • 2. 5 PPT Slides with text in 20 pt font and heading with 24 pt font Times New Roman.
  2. ii.A team can have maximum 3 members (each team will select their name with two words, such as ‘BLUE SKY’ or ‘IDEA GIANT’, but cannot use these two names (used as an example). Each team will mention the roll nos., Names, email ids, mobile nos., of all its members and Bank Account No. and Account Details (IFSC, Bank, Branch) of the Team Leader in whose account fund may be transferred if selected.
  3. iii.Submission deadline is 26th January 2018(Deadline is extended to 27th January 05:00 PM). The competition is open to all the students of IIT KGP (no registration fee is applicable). The competition is open to all the students of IIT KGP (no registration fee is applicable), besides the participants of GES 2018. (No additional fee is charged, if registration fee is paid by the participants of GES 2018, who are not a student of IIT Kharagpur).


The names of shortlisted teams will be announced on 31st January 2018.


  1. The finals will be conducted at IIT Kharagpur at Global Entrepreneurship summit, 2018 on 3rd February 2018 (tentatively in the late evening) to shortlist top two teams. A presentation before a panel of judges is to be made by each team.
  2. A maximum Budget of Rs. 30,000/- (Rs. 15,000/- per team) for developing PoC is allocated to the winning teams. Material procurement/ payout will be monitored/ facilitated by the coordinator of this competition against the sanctioned amount.


Top two teams, selected for the next round will be required to demonstrate Proof-of-Concept (PoC). A review on PoC in March (2nd/3rd week) 2018 will be conducted (through webinar/ in-person presentation) by the judges. If the progress is found satisfactory then up to two teams may receive a maximum funding for prototype development worth Rs 1,00,000/- per team (Rupees One Lakh only per team) with internship opportunity at IIT Kharagpur for up to six weeks during summer vacation (Tentatively, Last week of May to Mid July 2018). Internship stipend will be paid to the students at Rs. 5000/- per month per person (Expenditure towards accommodation in Hostel and food and other personal requirements will have to be met out of this stipend amount).


IIT Kharagpur will be the owner of the patent(s) filed, if any, out of the above project while students and faculty members or persons contributing will be named as inventor(s) in such patent(s)